Medisorb™ CO2 absorbent



Use a unique formulation for cost-effectiveness and high performance


The Medisorb™ CO2 absorbent product line supports GE Healthcare anaesthesia machines. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, it is specifically designed to help change out absorbers simply. It is also available in a low-alkaline formulation, Medisorb EF.

Medisorb soda lime

Medisorb soda lime consistently absorbs approximately 150 L of CO2 per kg, contains less than 0.5% dust and delivers about 15% moisture

Multi-absorber disposable canister
An integrated filter helps trap dust and maintains humidity levels. It is available with Medisorb or Medisorb EF.

Each day you make a difference in the lives of patients. Whether your role is purchasing product or administering patient care, you’re committed to providing exceptional healthcare. When you purchase Vital Signs Medisorb absorbent, you have the assurance of knowing that Medisorb has been specified for use with and validated for optimal performance with GE Healthcare™ anesthesia systems. Medisorb’s unique, D-profile granule shape decreases the absorbent’s tendency to pack or clump, resulting in better distribution of gas flow throughout the entire absorbent bed.

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Medisorb® EX and EF EX absorbent in disposable cartridges

Medisorb EX and low alkaline Medisorb EF EX disposable cartridges are designed for use with the GE CarestationTM 600 series to ensure optimal performance.

The EX cartridges have been fully tested and validated for use with the GE Carestation 600 series. The pre-filled, sealed cartridges can be installed quickly and easily to ensure CO2  is removed from low-flow, closed loop anesthesia breathing circuits.

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