Infusion pump – Nuclear

Based on current user needs regarding radiation protection within the nuclear medicine environment, arcomed has developed an innovative device that minimizes radiation exposure during preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals. Ionizing radiation can present a significant health hazard. It causes microscopic damage to living tissue, which can result in skin burns and radiation sickness at high levels of exposure, and statistically elevated risks of cancer at low levels.

The International Committee on Radiation Protection (ICRP) and International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) have published recommendations and data which are used to calculate the biological effects on the human body and set regulatory and guidance limits. Nowadays many hospitals use automated dose dispensers which avoid the need for manual preparation but not manual administration. The preparation, administration and time spent with the patient after the injection are all exposure risks. The whole body dose is generally received over the course of the entire procedure, whereas extremity doses are mainly received during steps involving handling of the radiopharmaceutical.

In nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals are usually administered manually in unit doses withdrawn from multi-dose vials using a syringe shield. There are several studies concerning the maximum doses received by operators and also comparative studies about operators’ received dose when administering radiopharmaceuticals manually and using an automated injector. These studies conclude that automatic – as opposed to manual – withdrawal and administration reduce radiation exposure to healthcare professionals, improve the accuracy of administration and help prevent contamination.

arcomed has focused on nuclear medicine because as it is a young specialty, evolving with a strong technological orientation. Our broad experience, combined with our receptive attitude to new ideas, has resulted in the creation of ArcoNuc. ArcoNuc is a computer operated solution for the dispensing and injection of radiopharmaceuticals to patients – a fully shielded mobile device to withdraw patient-specific doses of radiopharmaceuticals from a vial and administer them to patients through an infusion device all managed through intuitive software.

The main features of ArcoNuc include:

  • Fully shielded, robust and automatic, to minimize staff exposure to radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Compatible with all standard vials.
  • Suitable for all isotopes including those with very short half-life.
  • Designed for the preparation and administration of individual doses of radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Infusion data can be printed on a label and included in the patient notes.
  • The dose can be diluted.
  • Includes an activity meter to precisely measure the activity of the multi-dose vial.
  • Mobile and lightweight.
  • Quick dose preparation and administration.
  • Especially useful for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy.
  • Delivery rate and volume can be adjusted and controlled.