Medical-Grade Actigraphy Monitoring, Redefined
The compact and stylish CentrePoint Insight Watch captures and records continuous high-resolution raw acceleration data to provide objective, real-world physical activity, mobility, and sleep measures, in near real time.

ActiGraph Objective Measures
The CentrePoint Insight Watch captures and records high resolution raw acceleration data, which are converted into a variety of objective activity and sleep measures using publicly available algorithms that were developed and validated by members of the academic research community. Available measures include:

  • Raw Acceleration (G's)
  • Energy Expenditure
  • MET Rates
  • Physical Activity Intensity
  • Activity Bouts
  • Sedentary Bouts
  • Sleep Latency
  • Total Sleep Time
  • Wake After Sleep Onset
  • Sleep Efficiency
Actigraph CENTREPOINT Insight Watch

CENTREPOINT Insight Watch Key Features

High-Resolution Raw Data
A triaxial MEMS accelerometer captures high-resolution raw data, sampled up to 256 Hz, to support the development of novel endpoints related to real-world activity, mobility, and sleep behaviors.

Optimized User Experience
Single push button interface, passive data capture and transfer, and a long* battery life help to simplify and enhance the patient experience.

Real-Time Data Access
Used in conjunction with the CentrePoint Data Hub or mobile application, captured data is passively transmitted to the cloud for near real-time detection of compliance issues and potential data trends.

30-Day Battery Life
An extended battery life minimizes the burden of complicated charging protocols during long periods of data collection.

Patient-Centric Design
With its compact and stylish design and easy-to-read, backlit time and date display, the CentrePoint Insight Watch looks and feels like a consumer smart watch.

Customizable Wristband

Standard interchangeable wristbands can be customized to improve patient satisfaction, comfort, and compliance.

Service och support

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