e-Celsius Performance®, is a miniaturised ingestible electronic pill that wirelessly transmits a continuous measurement of gastrointestinal temperature.

The data are stored on a monitor called e-Viewer Performance. This device shows alerts if the measurement is outside the desired range. The activation box is used to turn the pill on from standby mode and connect the e-Celsius Performance pill with the monitor for data collection in either real time or by recovery from the internal memory of e-Celsius Performance. Each monitor can be used with up to three pills at once to enable extended use.

The monitor’s interface allows the user to download data to a PC/ Mac for storage. The pill is safe, non-invasive and easy to use, leaving the gastric system after one or two days, depending on individual transit time.

Key figures :

  • e-Celsius Performance pill:
  • Storage: Up to one year
  • Weight: 1.7g
  • Size: 17.7mm x 8.9 mm
  • Sampling: 30s
  • Accuracy: 0.2°C
  • Operational range: 25°C to 45°C
  • Store up to 2000 data
  • Wireless transmission (433 MHz)
  • Communication range: 1 m
  • Operational duration: 20 days


  • 3 pills per monitor
  •  Multichannel: 7 monitors in parallel
  • Storage: 80 000 data per pill
  • Autonomy in charge: 24h
  • Size: 120mm x 70mm x 15mm